About Kürvers

Success story

In 1966 young Horst Kürvers founded the company in Düsseldorf, Germany. At those times Düsseldorf was not only already famous for excellent beer breweries but also known to be the “Schreibtisch des Ruhrgebiets” (working desk of the Rhine Ruhr area). Major steel companies decided to establish their headquarters in Düsseldorf. Horst started buying and selling small lots of piping equipment. Driven by his entrepreneural spirit Horst identified the opportunity to offer his clients not only bundled products but also a broad service package that ensured to deliver the right quality at the right time. Horst visited manufacturers around the world and established long-term relationships to first-class producers of pipes, fittings and flanges. It did not take long that his reputation to provide reliable material services, even when things got complicated attracted also major petrochemical clients.

Well organized

Kürvers headquarters is still to be found in Düsseldorf, Germany. And today Kürvers provides services worldwide through all its branches, international representatives and agents in major centers of commerce. Our regional project teams have access to all resources of the Kürvers group with the help of a modern ERP system.

Successful Management

Since many years Marc Blomenkamp and also Giancarlo Palumbo manage the Kürvers group as Managing Partners. Both are experts in the industry with a proofen track record. Marc and Giancarlo are supported by international Managing Directors, with each of them being senior experts in the business since many years.